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Chargebee is a subscription management platform, used by fast-growth businesses like Calendly, Freshworks, Okta and Envoy as well as by innovative Startups like upCodes, Airmeet, Jiobit and Harvestr to manage and automate their recurring billing and lifecycle operations. We are currently helping thousands of companies in 50+ countries to manage their subscription billing, powered by 200+ billing experts & backed by 4 global Investors.


Chargebee’s Launch Program was created in 2016 to help startups launch and run their subscription billing for free until they find their feet. Since then, the program has helped over 20,000 startups get to their first $50k of revenue for free. In 2020 alone, startups on the Launch Plan raised over $250M in Seed and Series-A Funding. In 2021 we just made it 2x better with our $5B pledge for Startups. A video from our CEO Krish Subramanian.

The revenue processing limit on our Launch Plan has been doubled from $50k to $100k. This means now a startup can sign up, set up their recurring billing, and start processing revenue from customers until they reach $100K of revenue. Completely free. With this pledge, we aim to support 50,000 startups over the next two years to reach their first $100k of revenue. Click the link to learn more about Chargebee for Startups.

As Lead of Chargebee for Startups, you will be directly responsible for building a vibrant connection with the startup ecosystem and enabling several thousand startups to reach their first $100K of revenue on Chargebee. We are looking for forward-thinking individuals with a deep understanding of the early startup journey and its challenges, with experience in building communities and leading a team of smart go-getters to grow Chargebee for Startups.


  • Creating visibility for Chargebee for Startups so that thousands of startups across the world can grow their first revenue milestones through Chargebee
  • Building a vibrant community for startups that use Chargebee

  • Creating value-based learning content for startups to best use Chargebee

  • Organizing workshops, discussions, and other community events to contribute to the startup ecosystem

  • Building partnerships with startup incubators, accelerators, and VCs investing in early-stage startups

  • Working closely with the Product and Marketing teams to enable the best value and experience for startups

  • Leading the Chargebee for Startups team to deliver on the dream of enabling 50,000 startups to reach their first $100k of revenue through Chargebee in the next two years

  • Being the Internal champion for startups that use Chargebee for reaching their first $100K in revenue


  • 10+ years of work experience
  • Former Startup Founder / Seasoned Operator with experience in Product led growth
  • Creative thinker with the ability to put together simple and effective strategies for growth

  • Hands-on experience in business growth through community building 

  • Experience planning, organizing, and directing multiple teams and initiatives

  • Extremely versatile and collaborative in approach

  • Enjoy creating learning experiences for communities

  • The “Connector” personality in Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point - you like people, enjoy meeting new people, actively connect people with each other and stay in touch with a wide variety of people. Essentially you are a natural at bringing people together

  • Cross-cultural people skills with high EQ

  • Excellent communication in written and verbal form

  • Strong and unique presentation and storytelling skills

  • Background in Computer Science, Technology, Marketing, Media, Communication

What makes us who we are:

We are Globally Local

With a diverse team across four continents and customers in over 60 countries, you get to work closely with a global perspective right from your own neighborhood.

We value Curiosity

We believe the next great idea might just be around the corner. Perhaps it’s that random thought you had ten minutes ago. We believe in creating an ecosystem that fosters a desire to seek out hard questions, and then figure out answers to them.

Customer! Customer! Customer!

Everything we do is driven towards enabling our customers’ growth. This means no matter what you do, you will always be adding real value to a real business problem. It’s a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of fun.

Chargebee might be the opportunity you’re looking for

  • If you’re interested in how subscription businesses can get more efficient.
  • If you’re hungry to give and receive feedback, fully understanding that challenging perspectives are the only way that you can grow.
  • If you can bring empathy to problem solving.
If this sounds interesting but you’re not sure you'll tick all the boxes, apply anyway! There’s tons of room to grow at Chargebee.

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